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2 in one day????

As promised, my fun art project is featured on Fun in Jerusalem!

Here is the tutorial again!

What you need:

coloured tissue paper (available in Jerusalem at craft stores, or Office Depot – I bought mine at Hakol Lapnai, on Pierre Koenig, for 14.90 NIS

water (open the faucet)

a paintbrush

white construction paper or poster board

What to do:

1.      Tear or cut shapes out of different coloured tissue paper.


2.      Place a piece of tissue paper onto the white paper. With your paintbrush, carefully “paint” over the entire piece of tissue paper so that it sticks to the paper


3.      Repeat until you are happy with your picture.


4.      Leave to dry.


5.      A few hours later, carefully remove all the tissue paper.


And presto! A beautiful masterpiece! Hang up in a place of honor!

And that, my friends, is my beautiful 4 and a half year old… who insists that we make a half birthday cake for him and a half birthday cake for his 2.5 year old sister… half blue, half red…. bless his sweet soul…


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We are live, baby!!!!

I just moved my shop over to a new host, weebly.com. I am actually really excited! I did it all myself, and so far so good! Please visit, and tell me what you think?

In fact, if you come back and comment, I will give away a kokeshi doll of your choice! We are in fact celebrating 200 fans on my facebook page (some how its 199 this morning, but who cares??)!!!

So leave a comment, about the site, about whatever, you can even become a fan on facebook!

I can’t wait!!!!

Off to make coffee… MWAH!!!

Edited: We are at 202! hooray! leave a comment! I will be choosing a winner on Sunday, August 29! Edited again – postponing the giveaway until Sept 2… when life will return to a semblance of normalcy (whatever that is)

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