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sewing for boys

i find sewing for Ziv so much easier than sewing for Yagel.

and then the guilt sets in… so, after the swing coat for her, I made Yagel a winter hat using From an igloo‘s wonderful tutorial. It came out a bit big, but that’s my own fault ( I was of course worried that it would be too small so I overcompensated)….


please forgive the low quality picture. My models are still at their dad’s house till tomorrow morning. Then we can have a full fashion show! Woohoo!!!!

In the midst of my guilt I ordered the Oliver and S Winter coat. I can’t wait for it to arrive….

In the meantime, off to enjoy a few more hours of quiet…

Have a lovely! MWAH!


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I just bought Heidi & Finn‘s amazing patterns. And I already cranked this puppy out! What an easy to follow pattern, and so fun to make!!!!

swing coat

and inside…


the lining is “Chinese Take-Out” and the outer fabric is a fleece throw that I bought, end of season last winter… I hope my little one likes it (after all, it’s not pink)…

Thank you to Confessions of a Sewing Dork for your help! What do you think?

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kcwc – last hurrah…

Having made so much for Ziv, I decided to make something for Yagel. I was totally inspired by this picture on Above All Fabric… I knew I had to make my own…


and while i was in the zone, one for Ziv (who refused a stegosaurus)…


the template is from Tricia-Rennea... incredibly talented graphic designer….

and since they love taking pictures together….


we are off to the museum… have a lovely day!


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kcwc addition…

actually 2…

Made Ziv a skirt yesterday… forgive the pics, it was nighttime when i took them (and the shirt is stained… but she loves it)

and another dress. Its a Burda pattern, my first. I was a bit scared to make it, because i read quite a few negative reviews (after I had already bought it), but it wasn’t so bad after all….






and we gotta have a pic of my favourite little man, right?


can’t wait to sew some more!

Have a lovely weekend!


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so I said I would be sewing kids clothes...

not wanting to be called a liar… here’s what I made…


yes, it’s a pillowcase dress. My first! and I am sure not my last! so easy!!! I used this tutorial and am in love!

I found the pillowcases in the supermarket for 12 NIS for a pair (approx $3.50) Not bad, hey?

I added a bit of Zigzag for detail.


my lovely child refuses to try it on. I will try not to be insulted….

Have a lovely! MWAH!!

edited to add… it looked too plain, so I added a crocheted flower, crocheted straight on the dress. Something I learned from my friend Yafa here


i crocheted a row of single crochet, and in the next row I did two treble crochets in the first eye, then 2 more, then one single crochet and I repeated this pattern all the way around. I like it… what do you think?

she finally agreed!!!! nothing a marshmallow can’t do… 🙂


the back…


a bit long, but oh so cute!!!!

HAVE A LOVELY (eayh, I said that already…)


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you know its time to concentrate on his wardrobe a bit.
No, he doesn’t want one. He just wants something his Imma made for him.
So, cheap Ts and freezer paper to the rescue.
I let Yagel choose the pic. He chose two. Silly me, I thought, great, 2 shirts. No, on the same shirt.
I love the way it turned out!

the front

and the back…

the back...

and up close…


So, 10 NIS (approx $3.25) for the T, and paint that I had in the house. Not a bad deal, don’t ya think?

Hope he likes it….

Have a lovely!


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am I an IKEA hacker?

is that the correct terminology? Is it Hack? or Hacker? someone set me straight please?
Anyway, I was in IKEA Israel last week, helping out a friend who gets way too overwhelmed there… when I spotted this... in the curtains section. It screamed out to me “PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!! I’m not meant to be a curtain! I should be something else! Something cuter!”  – Don’t you hate it when textiles talk to you…. what could I do, I had to buy it… and 5 of his friends….

The first one went to Ziv… and the other five, you ask?

close up...


three of the five,,,

and hanging…

green and blue

they are on sale in the shop!

just linked up here!

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