Its been a while. I know… that seems to be my standard opening line… life just keeps getting inthe way of recording it… does that make sense?

I have just completed a month of craft fairs. one a week. I am bushed. so tired… I need a break from the real world. Time to concentrate on thevirtual world for a while…working on my etsy shop (not up yet), am featured over at fireflies and jellybeans, and working on a give-away for them!! soon!!!

I have made a bunch of onesies that will be listed in the shop real soon, but here they are!!!for those of you who don’t read Hebrew, they say price, princess, angel and tfu tfu tfu… the image is on the front and the words on the back. They are available in sizes 3,6,9,12, 18 and 24 months. Since they are custom ordered, they will take about a week to be shipped out. Aren’t they darling? I love them. wish I had someone small to put them on…. they were all done with freezer paper stenciling. very time consuming… I really wanna learn how to silk screen. Looks like so much fun!!!

Last weekend, I took my kids to a beautiful park near Netanya called Utopia. Its on a kibbutz, and its basically a tropical rain-forest, with orchids and other plants, as well as exotic chickens, a maze, a butterfly enclosure, ducks, koi fish and turtles. The kids had a great time. too bad the butterflies were already hibernating, even though it was 30 degrees Celsius there…

Yagel and I also discovered the joy of Mod Podge one day. We made a tissue paper and Mod Podge Chanukia for Chanuka. So much fun! I can’t decide who enjoyed it more… it may have been me! I had so much fun, we even decoupaged the coffee jar!

Alright! Off to finish cleaning up and sorting through the toys before the kids get home from their dad’s.

Have a lovely weekend!



Happy Chanuka!!

wishing everyone a lovely and festive holiday! what ever you celebrate!

Will update a bit more on the goings on in a few days…


our first big home sale!!!! My very talented friend has put together a lovely sale for chanuka (coming fast and furious!)so, if you are in the area, come say hi!!!!! we would love to have you!!!!! I have been getting ready for this for ages now, and yesterday I had to make something else… you know, for my sanity. My friend in Japan showed me a lovely tutorial (in Japanese) for a head scarf used in the kitchen while cooking and I had to make one! what do you think?and the back…and a bit of brotherly love…that’s all for now! if you’re in the area, please come say hi at the sale!!!


something for me…

I have been working really hard for all the holiday (chanuka) craft fairs coming up that I just HAD to make something for me. I started at the set-up of the last craft fair (on Tuesday) and just finished! I love it!!!I L O V E the flower! the button is a vintage from my ex MILI crocheted each section separately and then attached them by single crocheting them together. I love how it looks like an over-lock…I got the idea from this tutorial but mine came out much smaller (probably smaller needle, wrong weight wool…

Yeah, thats me… lousy lighting in the bathroom, noone to take my picture…

in any case…I love it… now all we need is for it to get cold… 85 degrees in mid-November… enough!!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend!!!


i have to share…

this morning, UK Lass put up a crochet hat tutorial… love the time difference, sh was on her way to bed and I had just woken up…

and here’s what I made!!!!

i am sure i made a whole lot of mistakes, I couldn’t quite figure out how to keep from increasing in each row, i wasn’t sure if i was meant to close each row with a slip stitch, but over all, a really quick crochet! I am proud of me and she loves it!!!

she was excited about her chocolate milk too…

and her brother asked for one too…and posing…

I was bowled over by this phenomenal kitchen… I am still speechless…

and then I checked through all of my posts, and found that I never showed you my play-kitchen! shame on me!!!

this is almonst finished… I don’t have a finished pic (actually, I just took one, but the battery of my camera just died and it is recharging as we speak…)

and here are some more that I made for friends…

there ya go! the blue one is by far my favourite…

I am now officially retired from kitchen building… maybe I’ll make a fridge…

thats all for today!


a tutorial!!!!

I have been crocheting flowers for a while now, and I love love love Lollychops’ tutorial (I think it may be her mom’s)… I also love the butterfly tutorial in the same link…


I have been looking for a nice leaf tutorial and haven’t really found one that I liked. I found this one, but the leaves came out a bit small for my flowers… so I decided to make up my own pattern… I’m pretty chuffed with myself…

so here we go… with cotton crochet string (or whatever its called) and a 3.5 crochet hook (Israeli number)

chain 16

in the second chain from the end, and the next two (3 in total), single crochet

double crochet in the next three chains.

treble crochet (yarn over twice) in the next three chains

double crochet in the next three chains

single crochet in the last three chains

Now you are going to work on the other side of this chain.

single crochet in the first three chains

double crochet in next three chains

treble crochet in next three chains (forgot to take a picture)

double crochet into next three chains

single crochet in last three chains, slip stich and finish off.

Voila! you have a lovely leaf!!! Add it to a flower, or add two!!!

In other news, getting ready for the Emek street fair on Tuesday. Crocheting like crazy… and playing with the macro lens. How did I leave it untouched for so long??

thats all for today! have a lovely weekend, and hope to see you soon!!!