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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while. I have been in a bit of a sewing slump, after the devastating news of Daniel’s passing. His mom asked that we continue the friendship quilt in his memory. The squares have been pouring in, each one more beautiful than the next, with beautiful letters attached. It breaks the heart. I will post pics soon (my dad borrowed my camera…)…
In the meantime, I made a bunting for Yagel’s room. I like it… my mom says it looks like a Tibetan prayer something. Didn’t quite understand…



up close

up close

It hasn’t been ironed yet, and I haven’t even cut off the stray threads. I made it with the left-over charm-pack squares from the rag quilt (a big hit, I might add :-))

SInce that’s all I have to show, I’d like to share some crafty goodness by some especially talented people. Check out this tea-cup and saucer. I can’t find the flaws, and I am dying to make one…

ANd how about this pin-cushion? Sweet, no? and so simple! Maybe I’ll try one…

And forgive me while I drool over these dolls. Machine/Mass produced I think, but too cute for words… I know a little girl who would love a Chloe doll (no, not me… Ziv- lol), especially since her brother stole her first doll that she got from her aunt, named it and sleeps with it…

That’s all for now… off to fold laundry. 🙂


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words cannot express

how sad i am.

Daniel passed away last night.

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consider yourself average….

that’s me… I worked last night on the fabric dollhouse. worked and worked and worked. Only to discover that the side walls were sewn on back to front, with the “wallpaper” on the outside… and lobsided… and too small for the stuffing…. I was even too upset to take a picture for posterity….

Today I sat and unpicked it all with the quick-unpick… i want to save the insides for the second attempt…

I did learn a few things though…

1. always read the instructions CAREFULLY before working…

2. sewing a straight line is helpful…

3. cursing isn’t going to fix the problems…

So, tomorrow I hope to give it another go…

I did however, make myself a little present. A Heather Bailey inspired pin-cushion.



I also made another picture. Loving this one. Can’t wait to get through a very long to-do list so that I can make more…

miss mousy

miss mousy

My husband has been building a pergola on our front balcony for the last 2 days. Yagel helped paint.



 And don’t forget the girls. Ziv is sporting her apple hat, hand-knitted by a very talented lady, Lynn Gonen… Yael is sporting her little girl and little boy necklace, made by the very talented Kristen (also from etsy).

Imma and Ziv

Imma and Ziv

And, saving the best for last….

Drum-roll please…

I have a logo!!!! Hooray…. The sweetest girl designed it for me. I found her on etsy, and she is super talented! Thanks Caro! And, it turns out, she is even more talented than I thought. Check this out.



That’s all for today. Off to bed… Have a good one….

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READERS! I need you!

In my virtual world, there is a little boy ( 2.5 at the time) who was diagnosed a year ago with leukemia. After much treatment, he went into remission.

Unfortunately, last week, they found that the leukemia came back, with a vengeance.

I want to make him a patchwork quilt. Each square on the quilt would be made by a different person, using whatever technique they choose.

If you are interested in making a square for the quilt, please send me an email so that I can send you my snail-mail address. yaelandkatz(at)gmail(dot)com…

This way, Daniel will be surrounded by love at all times….

Please keep Daniel in your prayers.

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I finally made something for Yagel. Ziv got a whole room full of beautiful soft furnishings and Yagel got nothing. Not that he complained. He didn’t know that he could. But, that old mommy-guilt ate away… and so, on Wednesday, I made him a rag-quilt. I was inspired by knit and tonic’s tutorial (very helpful and easy to follow…) and here’s how it came out…

the whole quilt

the whole quiltup close


last one 🙂

I also made a matching pillowsham, but that went to bed with Yagel before I had a chance to take a picture…

As soon as my thumb uncramps, I will make another one!

Happy New Year to all! Shana Tova!

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