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eons… i know….

been working on my etsy shop.

tell me what you think….

I had fun taking pics, but clearly need more practice….

here are a few from the shoot…

back sooon…



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week 5

Week 5 – delicate / shadowThis pic was taken a few weeks ago, but its the one I like best. Those are my friend’s daughter’s hands. She just turned two, but thinks she’s 5 like her brother….

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Week 3. Week 4

Week 3- Paint the Moon- Abandoned/DoorsWeek 4- Blessings/ Tiny

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Togetherness/ Metal…

metal brads. Shot with my Canon 40D and a Sigma MAcro lens.

Yes. I love Macro. so sue me….

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Let’s do 52

Over at Paint the Moon, she is taking a picture a week, with a theme. I thought I would try to follow along…

Week 1: New Beginnings…

new threaded spool...

taken with my Canon 40D SLR. Sigma Macro lens with a flash… I love it… not your typical new beginning, but it is for me…

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welcome all and especially those coming in from Fireflies and Jellybeans! Have a look around, I hope you like what you see!!! don’t forget to enter the give-away!!!!


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Happy Chanuka!!

wishing everyone a lovely and festive holiday! what ever you celebrate!

Will update a bit more on the goings on in a few days…


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